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Building Tailored Training Materials

River Horse can help to build tailored training materials that matches the processes and accompanying technologies that are being implemented at your organization.

Training materials are developed to address four audiences in mind.
•    Process Owners require the tools and abilities to maintain the overall health of a process while relying on Process Managers and Practitioners to maintain the day-to-day execution of the process. 
•    Process Managers require the ability to ensure progress over multiple executing threads of a process
•    Process Practitioners will perform the activities required to complete the process. 
•    Employees are the end user stakeholders of a process.  These may be the people who initiate the process and are the customer of the service provider.  

Facilitating Tailored Training Classes

River Horse Education Consultants can deliver your tailored training at your organization. This includes:

Virtual Led Training (VILT)
Virtual Instructor Led Training, conducted using collaborative webinar tools.  This approach depends on access to appropriate tools.  This approach can be very cost efficient because it can accommodate larger class sizes as well as eliminating the need for travel.  

Instructor Led Training (ILT)
An experienced River Horse Education Consultant will facilitate live classroom training.  Requires a centralized training location.  This may involve multiple instructors to align with the pace of your implementation. 

Self-Paced Recordings

Content is presented in a recorded video format.  This approach allows employees to access training on demand when they need it.  This approach allows for convenient refresh learning after initial classroom roll out.  This approach can also be effective for on-boarding new employees in the future.

Since modifying course content can be time-consuming and costly, this approach is most effective when the course content is stable and relevant for long periods of time. 

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