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About this Course

The Clear Skye IGA Training course enables attendees to successfully implement core IGA functionality and serves as foundational training for implementing the Clear Skye solution.

This course summarizes the fundamental ServiceNow  platform features on which the Clear Skye IGA solution was built upon. This includes:

  • Learn to navigate the Now Platform

  • List Views and Form Views

  • Security Model

  • Workflows

  • Scripting

  • Reporting


Once attendees are comfortable with the basics of the Now Platform then will  they learn how to configure the essential components of the Clear Skye IGA application. This includes:

  • Clear Skye Architecture

  • Clear Skye Workflow

  • Clear Skye Integrations with MID Servers

  • Importing Flat Data sources

  • Configuring for the user lifecycle

  • Configuring for Audits and Reviews


The course includes hands on labs that help students practice the fundamental skills  for configuring Clear Skye IGA.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for new Clear Skye IGA Implementers with 0 – 3 months experience of the ServiceNow platform.


This is an introductory course so there are no prerequisites.

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